Arcturus Black I

Consort-Nollan through his marriage with Soella and thus runs their estate. He is believed by House Black to be childless and unmarried. He is the father to Coris and Rigel Black and Grandfather to Savi and Edith. He teaches his sons about the Olde Ways, as was taught to him by his own Father.

Soela Nollan

The daughter that House Nollan sold to House Black for their ten minutes of fame. They did not take into account that by being born as a Seer, she fulfilled the requirements of becoming Heiress of the Nollans. Soela takes on the task of teaching her sons what it means to be a true Nollan and how they can serve Avalon.

coris Black

Husband of Yona Shafiq, Father to Savi and Edith, son of Arcturus and Soela and brother to Rigel. A Dark Mage who is bordering on being a War Mage. He has an affinity with fire and is known for casting magic that uses summons, using them for both protection and dueling. 

Rigel Black

Son of Arcturus and Soela, brother to Coris and Uncle of Savi and Edith. He is a politician and Senior Undersecretary to the current Minister. Has a rather cruel and vindictive streak when it comes to his family and will take any measure necessary to protect them and himself when it comes down to it. 

yona shafiq

Wife of Coris Black and Mother to Savi and Edith. Yona knew from their first meeting at her debutante ball at 16 that Coris Black was going to be her husband by any means necessary. Her chance came when a mutual acquaintance of theirs was caught trying to potion Coris into eloping with her; Yona was a witness at the trial that sealed the woman's fate. Quite taken with her ardent devotion and willing testimony, Coris courted Yona for seven months as per Pureblood customs and by their eighth month, they were betrothed. Yona comes a long line of Pureblood Shafiqs that specialize in potions and poisons, and she currently owns Vellum and Venoms, that is only accessible in Knockturn Alley to specific clientele.

Edith Shafiq

Daughter of Coris and Yona, little Sister of Savi. Sorted into Ravenclaw house just like her brother, but with all of the Slytherin cunning of her mother, young Edith is smart and fierce and knows exactly what she wants out of life as the sole daughter of two great Houses. She is currently in her fifth year at Hogwarts and plans to start apprenticing under Professor Sharp regarding a potions Mastery in her sixth year. Though they constantly pick on each other, Edith loves her brother immensely and is fondly proud of everything he has shown her or has done for the Nollans. She took on her Mother's last name to keep the Black family magic from trying to claim her.

sol shafiq

Yona's sister and the governess to both Savi and Edith while they grew up in Kinlochleven. She was raised staunchly Pureblood and is a driven taskmaster, hence the impeccable manners and customs of both of her charges. She recently married her betrothal partner, Trevor Yaxley.

trevor yaxley

Heir to the House Yaxley and a good friend of Coris'. He has been a figure in the Nollan children's lives for many years, and though only recently married to their aunt, they have called him 'Uncle Trevor' for years. He is the one who introduces a young Savi to the Arcane and Occult arts of Magic, how to duel and also teaches him alchemy. He's been in love with Sol since they were betrothed as kids and like his in-laws, he is very protective of their family and his friend Coris, whom he treats like his own blood brother.

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