Savi Nollan

Narrator, Main Character, and the Protagonist of The Spider's Web. He is the author of the hand bound journal found in the ruins of Nollan Manor in Kinlochleven.

A Traditionalist Pureblood Lord and a proud Dark Wizard hell-bent on bringing his house and Avalon back to it's former glory.

Full Name: Savi Coris Nollan

Aliases/Nicknames: Lord of the Hushed Cay, 

Unspeakable 'Nightshade'

Pronouns: He/Him

Age/Year of Birth: 23 / 24 Jan 1867

Birthplace: Magical side of Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Religion: Pagan, Traditionalist, Follower of the Olde Ways

Languages: English, Scots Gaelic, Welsh, French, Russian, Greek, and Latin

House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Alder, Rich Brown and Notched with a Slight Spiral; 

Corryvreckan River Stone Carved Wand Handle (Gifted by Lady Magic upon his 13th Birthday);

 Acromantula Web Core, 12 ½ Inches, Unyielding

Race: Human

Eyes: Soft Blue-Green

Hair: Black, Cropped short and usually meticulously styled

Height: 6’2

Build: Broad shouldered, rugby build

General description: 

Always put together, or meticulously styled as he is from a pureblood house and has been taught to always look his best. Can either be seen in a full suit, with his cane of choice that day or a waistcoat and bespoke trousers.

Distinguishing Features: 

Wears renaissance glasses that were gifted to him by his grandfather Arcturus Black I, has brilliant blue-green eyes that seem to almost glow in accordance to his dark core and a shrewd calculating gaze that never seems to leave his face.

Key Traits: 

Driven by a need for power and the goal of bringing his family back from the brink of literal extinction is what drives Savi to be who he is. 


Standoffish and can seem unapproachable upon first meeting due to his serious nature, but can soften to you only when you have gained his trust. Has the nasty habit of running his hands along his neck when he’s stressed and though he has an even temperament, he can get tetchy regarding situations that are unfavourable to him and his goals.


The food his grandmother makes special for him on Sundays, the fluffy armchair in his fathers office, planting mallowsweet with his mum in her garden, the hammock set up for him overlooking Kinlochleven at Nollan Manor, the twinkling music from the muggle music box he found and repaired from scratch, flying high above the clouds where no one can see, learning obscure magics and reading for enjoyment. 


Being woken up abruptly, being interrupted whilst speaking, being cold, being wet, not being given ample enough time to do something or feeling rushed, being lied to.

Perfume / Scent: Cedarwood, tobacco, spice

Favoured Colours:

Neutral tones mostly, but will incorporate greens, blues, purples and some reds into his wardrobe

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Has a mastery in Beast Taming, Runes and Arithmancy and worked for the Romanian Dragon Sanctus right after graduating Hogwarts for two years. 

Is currently working as an Unspeakable and is studying the Veil.

Other Vocations/Hobbies: 

Enjoys bookbinding and has made several of his own copies of books that he proudly displays, loves dote on his family and can be constantly seen giving little trinkets from his travels to them


An extremely accomplished duelist with a flair for the Dark Arts, an adept hand at spellcrafting

Born in North Yorkshire and raised in Kinlochleven from the age of 4, Savi is the product of two Noble Pureblood houses. His Grandfather married his grandmother in secret and it is widely believed by the House of Black that Arcturus sired no sons or married and died alone. 

In truth, he married into the Nollan family, who were considered one of the oldest pureblood families in Britain, but were not Ancient or Noble.. The Nollan house had fallen into disrepair and were heavily in debt, and it is implied that they sold their daughter to the House of Black in order to save themselves; they didn’t need to, as Arcturus fell for Soela at their first courting meeting. 

With his new in-laws no longer invested after receiving their dowry that they squandered within a couple of years and lost their status to once more, Arcturus moved his new wife and sons to the manor house he had purchased for them in North Yorkshire, where he raised and taught his sons the difference between Light and Dark cores. Soela taught their sons what it meant to be a Nollan and what it meant to serve Avalon as their ancestors had for the betterment of Wixen kind.

Not wanting their rhetoric nor their rearing, Arcturus kept his family secret from the rest of the Blacks and did most of his son's schooling with hired tutors sworn to secrecy. 

By the time Savi was born, it was decided that as the first born, he would bare the surname Nollan instead of Black to carry on the family name and thus was taught from the cradle how to look, act and be the Heir of House Nollan and all it entailed.

In present day, Savi is figuring out just what it means to be Called to Arms in service of Avalon and whether or not he’s the right sort for not only bringing his House back from the brink of death, but if he is the right man to wield the power that has landed in his lap.

Only time will tell.